We offer a range of solutions to put the Internet of things (IoT) on the front line to get people back to work safely. From pre-screening checkpoints with medically certified thermal cameras, to disinfecting chambers and multiple wearables to enforce social distancing, companies and workers can feel at ease. 

COVID-19 Risk Management Unit: WorkForce Assurance & Processing 

  • Full turnkey deployment 
    • Infrastructure 
    • Front-line assistance 
    • Technology 
    • Communications 
    • Data management 
  • Engage & screen: automated safety environment 
    • Self-reporting
    • Thermal scanning 
    • Remote agents 
    • Video recording
  • Physical distance enforcement 
    • RedZone by SmartCone provides a wireless zone around workers to monitor physical distancing 
    • Wearable devices provide full 360° radio coverage area and flashing alarms if someone gets too close 
    • Proximity Zones, Wearable Tags, Wearable Sensors 
  • Record & monitor data
    • Central command center, video recording, sensor recording, RFID tracking, Ultra Wideband tracking, GPS tracking 
  • Clean & disinfection management 
    • Hand sanitizing station, disinfection chamber, indoor disinfection system
    • Ultraviolet light, manual cleaning, autonomous cleaning 
  • Log & report 
    • Dashboards, scanning logs, daily reporting, social media, user portals
  • Track & trace

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