SmartCone 19 Task Force Initiative
Let's work together to make the world a safer place. COVID-19 is a common threat to all. Our first initiative to raise funds is ProxyShield, a device to keep your hands free of germs. Help spread the word to pre-order or connect with global manufacturers and we will utilize the proceeds to benefit those affected by COVID-19. We want your help in bring more innovative solutions to market and to help work on more projects to bring much needed aid world-wide.
Smartcone COVID 19 Solutions
Thermal Cameras, Temperature recognition, Intelligent Zones, Track Workers/Patients, crowd control
SmartCone 19 Task Force Support
CEO of SmartCone Technologies and creator of SmartCone 19 Task Force thanks all the amazing companies that have already stepped up to help the COVID-19 project initiatives.
Keep your distance from harmful germs and bacteria, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. While you keep safe, you are also helping to deploy solutions to fight COVID-19, as a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the SmartCone 19 Task Force. To learn more about these project and join the team visit
SmartCone COVID 19 IoT Task Force
Put TheSmartCone on the front line to pre-screen for COVID-19, automate crowd control and inform the public. Learn more at


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The SmartCone 19 Task Force is always looking to pass along helpful information in regards to COVID-19.  If you have something to offer please reach out so we can feature it on our site.