SmartCone Technologies


Drop and go units with multiple power and mounting options. Utilize at airports, border crossings, ports of call, emergency shelters, hospitals and/or any area needing security, safety and pre-screening with advanced data capture and analytics. 


We can easily integrate with your existing worker safety software, included but not limited to Process Maps new COVID-19 Response Management Solution, IBM Maximo Worker Insights, etc., as well as asset tracking and management software. 


All data is processed on the edge to allow for real time computing and notifications.This allows for mission critical information to be ready and relayed without delay, including connections with TheSmartCone Eco-system


Count people and/or vehicles with available advanced object detection and classification of 80+ items. Document building/lot capacity and get advanced notice as numbers increase. 


Using LiDAR, areas can be zoned, setting off audible alerts when the LiDAR is breached to automate crowd control. Set no-go areas, triage zones to keep safe distances enforced, or pair with nearby SmartTorches to direct the flow of traffic. 


From thermal cameras to directional laser thermometers,TheSmartCone™ can detect and measure environmental conditions. Set up designated checkpoints to offer pre screening to individuals with audible directives, i.e. “cleared” or ”proceed to zone 2 for additional checks” etc. 

Thermal Camera

  • Efficient, visible, real-time thermal temperature monitoring solution 
  • Capable of identifying individuals with an elevated temperature 
  • With a built-in Al algorithm, it can monitor multiple people from a distance of 9.8 feet away and 4.3 feet wide, enabling fast assessment without personal contact 


  • Accurate temperature monitoring, fast screening without personal contact, monitoring of multiple people at the same time for greater efficiency, visual alert when abnormal results are detected 

Application scenario: hospitality, public transportation, commercial building, factory, education, retail 


Create customizable alerts or generic alarms triggered by events or on-the-fly parameters, pushed out through TheSmartCone™ and SmartTorches within the area. Pair these alerts with colour-coded signals for ease of understanding and added attention.

SmartCone Task Force Add-ons:

  • Component setup: drop-and-go system for rapid set up
  • Highly portable: 1″ – 24″ high, 3″ – 6″ wide, 5-6 lbs in weight
  • Sensor agnostic: Integration of any third party sensor 
  • Connectivity 3G/4G/5G/WiFi/GPS: provide total connectivity 
  • Energy efficient: AC adaptor, battery or solar powered
  • Easy integration: Enhance your AI and analytics with additional software

For more information on TheSmartCone Eco-system, download the PDF.