Mobile Task Force Vans

We offer multi-purpose vehicles with connectivity and equipment to deliver a variety of services including medical pre-screening, enforcing social distancing, creating safe zones, and Wi-Fi networks.

The van can:

  • be equipped to provide a mobile response to pre-screen individuals for COVID-19, providing visual and audible guidance on next steps. Internet of things (loT) on the front line. 
  • provide connectivity for overcrowded networks to ensure all community members have the availability to connect


  • Laser thermometer: read individual temperature with minimal first line contact. Paired with visual and audible triggered alarms for direction
  • Mobile Gateway: LTE Backhaul, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Satellite Connectivity. Provides not only the connectivity but the people management tools required in any environment and eventually in an easy-to-set-up, modular system. PIR LiDAR Audio-Visual Module and Torch Head, directional camera with PIR, LiDAR and RADAR, 360° Camera module with PIR
  • Alarming Modes: LED Strip, 7 Colour Options, Custom Audio Messaging, Stock Alarms 
  • Trip-Wire Safe Zones: Set up a perimeter using LiDAR, tied to visual and audible triggered alarms. 

Rapidly deploy for:

  • Hospitals
  • Border Crossings 
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Ports of Call 
  • Airports 
  • Building Entry Points