Clarion Drone Academy Inc.

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Clarion has been in the aviation industry for over 40 years, working with aircraft avionics systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems for a diverse set of clientele. Operating in such areas as Search and Rescue (SAR), Agriculture, Security, Real Estate, Thermal inspections and more.

Bringing to the Task Force advanced disinfectant by drone or robot.


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Known for their friendly bacteria waste eliminator, Bio-Clean is offering rapid cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and workspaces to include specialized antimicrobial coating to prolong germ free surfaces.


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ProcessMAP helps businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data. In order to manage employee health and proactively mitigate an organization’s exposure to COVID-19, organizations need an effective mechanism to screen employees and visitors, as well as manage affected employee’s health lifecycle through their return to work. 

ProcessMAP’s cloud-based Employee Health Management Solution provides mobile-enabled employee and visitor symptoms and exposure screenings, enables standardized work clearances and management of return to work, and ensures easy visibility into your organization’s health.

Smartcone Technology, Inc

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Bring technology to the front lines for a safer, smarter workforce. SmartCone’s modular internet of things (IoT) platform integrates the latest sensors for Advanced pre-screening and crowd control mitigation.

Intrepid Networks

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Leader in total lifecycle, user- friendly software and embedded solutions that enable organizations to Communicate, Collaborate, and Coordinate. Intrepid Networks provides the situational awareness communication for the SmartCone19 Task Force initiative.

  • Unique Software Applications
  • Embedded Firmware Design
  • Low-cost Communication Hardware 

Intrepid Response: The Response platform is a low-cost simple- to-use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations. Mapping, Information Sharing, Team Mobilization, Emergency Notification, and Push-to-Talk voice communications all in one easy to use and deployable solution.

Studio 63

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Studio 63 is a multi-award winning product design studio specializing in sporting gear, consumer electronics, high end audio and automotive innovation. 

In contribution to the Task Force they designed the ProxiPush and ProxiCart tools. These devices help engage the community and fundraise to support COVID-19 projects.

L-D Tool & Die

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L-D TOOL & DIE is the backbone of the plastics manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario, supporting hundreds of clients along the uphill path from the first magical sketch to a sensational finished product.

Produced and manufactured the ProxiPush and SmartCone devices.


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Acart is a full-service advertising agency. Their mission is to create positive change for clients by changing strategies, attitudes and results through the introduction of progressive audience building, radical brand transformations, unexpected creative concepts and new media opportunities. 

Experts in social and behavioural marketing, Acart understands deeper motivations and incites personal, marketplace and societal improvement. With specialized knowledge in changing consumer behaviour, they create deeper relationships between brands and people to optimize return on investment in all communications.

Acart has provided branding services including strategy, consultation, design, and digital development to the SmartCone19 Task Force brand and mission.